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Further Maths

AQA Certificate Level 2 Further Mathematics

Key Stage 3 overview

Although the certificate is not a key stage 3 course the foundations of higher mathematics are studied during the first three years of secondary school, just the further mathematics course takes study beyond the national curriculum and bridges year 11 and year 12 mathematics beautifully.

Key Stage 4 overview

High achieving students (the course recommends grade 7+) will have the option to supplement their mathematics course with the Further Mathematics certificate in year 11, taught in lunchtime and afterschool sessions. The course develops and extends mathematical thinking and gives extra revision for the most challenging GCSE topics.

Some of the topics on the Further Maths course are not on the standard mathematics GCSE course, the new topics are:

  • Matrix Multiplication
  • The Remainder Theorem
  • Solving Three Simultaneous Equations
  • Trigonometric Identities
  • Domains and Ranges
  • Expanding Brackets using Pascal’s Triangle
  • Limiting Values
  • Calculus: Differentiation

These topics are all considered beyond grade 9, so are extremely challenging however with practice students will be able to complete questions that include these new ideas.

Qualification assessment overview

At the end of the course there are two 105-minute exams, one non-calculator and one calculator. The scores of each are added together and that determines the final grade for the course. There is no coursework element, the course is examination only.

Teaching Staff