Station Road, Halmer End, Newcastle, Staffordshire, ST7 8AP
Part of Windsor Academy Trust
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Mission and Vision


What does this look like to me?

  • Arriving at school by 8.40am and being on time to all lessons.
  • Having all your equipment (including charged iPads) with you for all lessons.
  • Completing your classwork and homework to the best of your ability.
  • Taking responsibility for your effort and quality of work. For example, checking Microsoft Teams regularly for each subject for homework/updates; having a date and title (underlined) for all written work; meeting deadlines.
  • Wearing your uniform smartly and with pride – shirt tucked in, tie being worn, appropriate footwear etc.
  • Attend extra-curricular events.
  • Support with school events, such as Progress Evenings.


What does this look like to me?

  • Offering to help a classmate who is struggling with a task.
  • Asking people who look sad or upset if they are okay or need help.
  • Thinking of how your behaviour and actions affect others.
  • Offering help to any member of the school community (pupils, teaching staff, non-teaching staff, visitors). For example, taking a member of cover staff or visitor to the correct room, or helping the canteen staff take drinks to the New Hall.


What does this look like to me?

  • Speaking to people (anyone in the school building) as you would wish to be spoken to. For example, answering the register with ‘Sir/Miss’ and not just ‘Yeah’.
  • Saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’.
  • Holding doors open for anyone in the school building.
  • Making eye contact and saying ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’ or even asking how someone’s holiday or weekend went.
  • Displaying a positive attitude to others regardless of differences. For example, showing understanding when people have different needs to your own.
  • Taking care of property and the school environment. For example, not dropping litter; cleaning away after yourself at lunchtime; looking after your school equipment etc; not leaving bags/coats in the corridor.