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Key Stage 3 overview

History at KS3 covers the key skills that will be used at KS4. We develop analytical skills to apply to a variety of sources; evaluate the quality and reliability of various types of evidence; ensure that pupils have an understanding of all key Historical terms and put these skills into practice with a wide range of assessments throughout KS3 which cover all relevant topics.

The topics covered are the social and political aspects of: Medieval Britain; Tudor England leading to the Civil War; The Industrial Revolution (including sessions on Jack the Ripper and Women’s Rights); Both World Wars and the Holocaust.

Key Stage 4 overview

History at KS4 follows the AQA History syllabus and covers 4 key topics: Germany 1919-1945; Conflict and Tension 1945-1972 (Cold War); Health and the People c1000-present day and Elizabethan England 1558-1603. History has 2 terminal exams but one question in the Elizabethan paper is linked to a visit to a key historic site of the period so it is vital that pupils attend this visit.

Qualification assessment overview

The History GCSE is 100% external assessment which takes place in May/June of Year 11.

Internal “mock exams” take place in year 10 and twice in year 11 to monitor progress but pupils regularly complete practice questions in a variety of forms throughout KS4.

Curriculum maps

How can parents support their child and Sir Thomas Boughey with History?

History is a subject which tends to lend itself to a variety of film resources so parents can help by accessing appropriate resources with their child and discussing these with them, allowing pupils to share their learning at home; discussing the Cold War with grandparents or great grandparents can provide an invaluable insight into the topics we cover.

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