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As a trust, we always strive to ensure our young people have the employability and life skills necessary for success in our academies and beyond. Each of the schools within our trust is individual and has its own identity; nonetheless, we all have a deep-seated belief in the transformational impact that technology can have on a young person and their life choices.

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The United Endeavour Trust is proud to be a Microsoft Showcase System.

Sir Thomas Boughey was awarded Showcase School status in September 2022, joining an elite group of schools that are recognised for educational transformation and innovation in teaching and learning. We are a part of an exclusive global community of experts who use research-based approaches to bring about improvements with Microsoft educational tools.

Our faculty and staff have access to exceptional professional development that is tailored to their specific needs and interests, and our students benefit from this through both in-class and out-of-class opportunities that are student-centered, immersive, and inclusive, while also promoting future-ready skills.





Leading InovationWithin the first term of being awarded Showcase School, 49% of our staff have been awarded as Microsoft Educators by completing the learning path upon successful completion of the following modules:

Accessibility: Build the foundation for inclusive learning

Empower every student with an inclusive classroom

Structure Teams through channels, tabs, files and apps

Flipped instruction with PowerPoint Recorder

Getting started with OneNote

PioneersIn addition to this, 26% of our staff have completed the 21st Century Learning Design Pathway and were successful in the Microsoft Certified Educator examination incorporating the following modules:
Develop critical thinking skills within the 21CLD knowledge construction dimension
Practice collaborative skills with the 21CLD collaboration design
Innovate learning with the 21CLD real-world problem solving and innovation dimension
Improve communication skills with the 21CLD skilled communication dimension
Develop learner executive function with the 21CLD self-regulation dimension
Deepen educational experiences with the 21CLD ICT for learning dimension
Embed 21st century skills with 21st century learning design

Furthermore, we are delighted to have 8% of our staff classed as Microsoft Advanced Educators, with successful completion of all modules in the 21st Century Learning Design Path and Master Microsoft Teams for any Learning Environment Learning Path.

We are a showcase School 135x300February 2023 – Student voice focusing on digital tools

On average, students use their 1-2-1 device in 2 / 3 lessons per day.

Microsoft Word is accessed at least once a week by 61.2%.

Microsoft PowerPoint is accessed at least once a week by 64.7%.

Microsoft Teams is accessed at least once a week by 95.3%.

70.6% of students use their 1-2-1 device to complete independent study and homework more than 50% of the time.

Student comments:
“I enjoy doing quizzes on Microsoft teams, especially with multiple choice as this improves my confidence.” Ella P.
“It’s great using my device in maths with the lesson PowerPoint, so I can go at my own pace. This has made me more independent.” Tom K.