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At Sir Thomas Boughey Academy every student has a right to an excellent education and every teacher is expected to teach excellent lessons. Teaching and learning must be at the heart of everything what we do; ensuring that all students make progress; equipped with the knowledge and skills to reach their full potential, making a positive contribution to our society. 

Excellence within the classroom will enable us to deliver our moral purpose, vision and values. Our curriculum intent provides students with an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum and promotes a love of learning and thirst for knowledge, enabling students to develop into resilient, self- regulating and tolerant students. Sir Thomas Boughey Academy is an environment where students and staff are valued, encouraged and their achievements celebrated. 

Our Curriculum Intent 

  • Provide students with an engaging, exciting and empowering curriculum that equips them for today and tomorrow 
  • Enable learners to develop into resilient, self-regulating and tolerant adults, who understand and can play a valuable part in society 
  • Promote a love of learning and thirst for knowledge 

Our Curriculum Implementation 

  • Through highly effective questioning and assessment of students, we plan and deliver highly engaging sequences of lessons that effectively challenge students 
  • Provide excellent opportunities for students to develop themselves personally in order to play a valuable part in society 
  • Engage and enthuse learners through building on prior knowledge and embed high order skills 

Our lessons are timetabled over a 50-period fortnight and include slots for Curriculum for Life, Literacy and Personal Development. Assemblies take place regularly to promote the academy values of Excellence, Kindness and Respectful and to provide exposure to Personal Development themes. We operate a three-year Key Stage 3 curriculum that we believe exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum. We are committed to ensuring that every student studies the EBacc subjects throughout Key Stage 3 and that they have full access to these when choosing options in Key Stage 4. Our options process allows students to select from a broad range of qualifications at Key Stage 4 and we pride ourselves on offering a broad range of subjects from the arts, humanities and languages, alongside a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science and PE. 

We offer CEIAG support throughout Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 to ensure that our students are guided onto appropriate qualification pathways for post 16 success.

Curriculum Allocation 2023-24

Curriculum Roadmaps

Curriculum Roadmaps for all subjects