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Key Stage 3 overview

Our Key Stage Three Drama curriculum will teach our students how to use performance to tell stories. Their own story, the stories of others and the stories they want to hear.

We will enrich our learner’s appreciation of Drama as a platform for telling stories. We will give them the tools they need to confidently and sensitively articulate how they feel in an ever-changing world. Our students will develop core-transferrable skills of confidence, communication and collaboration to help them to navigate their future beyond high school. The curriculum will develop the skills of Drama performance, with a clear focus on the process of how to tell a story through Drama. They will explore the different forms of performance language that can be used to create an effective piece of Drama. Our students will develop their empathy for others by stepping into their shoes and telling their story. Equally, we will nurture their creativity and create an environment of support so that all students are encouraged to share their story. The curriculum will give the pupils the space to explore how Drama can be interpreted by a wide range of different audiences, from all aspects of life. Through this, they will develop a greater understanding of context, and consequently, become more empathetic, considerate and respectful learners. We aim to create a safe environment where everyone can take risks, ultimately so that every pupil can and will tell stories through Drama.

Key Stage 4 overview

BTEC Performing Arts – Acting Pathway

Our Key Stage Four Performing Arts curriculum develops our student’s understanding of how to use performance to tell stories. Their own story, the stories of others and the stories they want to hear.

This course enables learners to develop the foundational skills that are integral to a wide range of roles across the Performing Arts, with a clear focus on how to tell stories through Drama. Learners will receive a general introduction to the sector, crammed with opportunities to learn and try out new skills, techniques, and styles, allowing them to make an informed decision about their future learning and career. Through this course, learners will acquire sector-specific applied knowledge and skills through vocational contexts by studying professionals’ work and processes used, the skills and techniques used in different roles, and how to contribute to the creation of a performance in either a performance or non-performance role.

Learners will develop their own technical, practical and interpretative skills through workshops and classes, and to apply them in the internal and external assessments. In addition, learners will develop transferable and employability skills such as responding to a brief, self-development, planning, time management and communication.

As a creative subject with a focus on application, there is no written exam. All components,

including the externally assessed synoptic component, are assessed through engaging, open, and

flexible set tasks, designed to give learners as much freedom as possible in how they respond,

allowing them to work to their own strengths and interests.

How can parents support their child and Sir Thomas Boughey Academy with Drama and Performing Arts?

  • Go to see as much live theatre performance as possible. The New Vic is a fantastic place to see a variety of shows and plays:
  • Ensure that your child can attend after school rehearsals and workshops. This will be expected during Year 11 prior to examinations.

BTEC Performing Arts

The BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts is an exciting course, focussing on the technical aspects of performance as an art form. This course is perfect for learners who want to acquire technical knowledge and technical skills through vocational contexts by studying acting, dance or musical theatre as part of their Key Stage 4 learning. The qualification recognises the value of learning skills, knowledge and vocational attributes to complement GCSEs. The qualification will broaden the learners experience and understanding of the varied progression options available to them.

The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in a practical learning environment. The main focus is on four areas of equal importance, which cover the:

  • development of key skills that prove your aptitude in Performing Arts such as reproducing repertoire or responding to stimuli
  • process that underpins effective ways of working in the Performing Arts, such as development of ideas, rehearsal and performance attitudes that are considered most important in the Performing Arts, including personal management and communication
  • knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, process and attitudes in the sector suchas roles, responsibilities, performance disciplines and styles.

Curriculum Map

Please CLICK HERE to view the curriculum road map for BTEC Performing Arts

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